The Cancun Museum of Underwater Art (MUSA) is one of the most successful conservation projects in the world, and it has quickly become one of Cancun’s top attractions. The project was launched in 2009 to create an artificial reef and help restore marine life in the Cancun and Isla Mujeres areas.  

Where is MUSA located in Cancun?

The Underwater Museum of Art or MUSA is located under the waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea, in the area surrounding Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Punta Nizuc.  

How deep is the Underwater Museum in Cancun?

The underwater sculptures of MUSA Cancun are located 30 feet deep, which makes them perfect for recreational snorkeling activities; whether you’re a beginner or an advanced diver, you can enjoy this wonderful place.  

Why are There Sculptures in the Cancun sea?

In addition to its paradisiacal beaches, Cancun has an underwater museum with 500 sculptures located at the bottom of the sea. These works of art stimulate the growth of coral reefs different species of marine life and for tourists to enjoy while diving.  

How to visit MUSA

There are three ways to visit the Underwater Museum of Art in Cancun:

Important tips to consider before you visit MUSA:

  • Make sure you have a good meal well before you’re scheduled to be in the water.
  • Only wear eco-friendly sunscreen and/or insect repellent lotions.
  • Take some cash, preferably pesos, to tip tour guides or ferry operators.
  • This would be an excellent opportunity to invest in a waterproof camera if you want to take underwater pictures.
  • Although tours are available year-round, June to August is considered high season because of the whale shark arrival; book ahead of time if you’re traveling in these months.
  • Avoid touching the sculptures or disturbing the marine life. Observing the rules and conservation protocols will make your tour a more enjoyable experience.